Finally, Someone Realizes That We All Get It

In America, today, we have an interesting situation on our hands. We have first-world problems, but they’re still real problems. And something is defined as real if it’s on the first page of Google. That’s the test. It’s someone’s actual job to name new Pokémon, and we all feel well-qualified. It’s someone’s actual job to make fun of politics. It’s someone’s actual job to be a politician. And they seem equivalent, but they aren’t.

The nature of the beast is that it seems like doing anything “the best” is a laudable goal, but it’s not. A musician has to do a whole lot more than play music. A financial advisor has to do a lot more than speak facts. A person quitting smoking has to do a lot more than not smoke.

People have to worry about real threats to their efforts. Weight gain. Sabotage by loved ones who aren’t ready to quit at the same time. Replacing one addiction with another. It seems obvious, but it’s an issue. And not a moral one. We all want things that aren’t good for us, sometimes even to purchase physical things we don’t need. But you don’t need to pay for counseling and nicotine patches, gum, or lozenges. Please call us and ask how!