• Stay Happy and Healthy This Winter

    Although it may seem impossible when you’re dealing with finding the perfect coffee table book for Aunt Louise, remember to eat, breathe, and connect with the people around you.   Winters are rough for normal people, let alone those suffering from medical problems like diabetes, depression, body-image disorders such as bulimia or anorexia, alcoholism, gambling […]

  • Good Luck On The Great American Smokeout

    Congratulations to everyone who made it through The Great American Smokeout today. There’s an hour left in the day, but many people can do, for short periods of time, what seems impossible for a lifetime. If you keep adding minutes to your first day without smoking, you’re already doing what successfully quit ex-smokers do. Congratulations!

  • How Do You Like Them Apples?

    We find that we like these apples a lot, and we can ask Siri how many calories are in one, join a NDPP class to find out more!!      

  • National Diabetes Prevention Program

    The Wellness Connection has been working with an exciting program called the National Diabetes Prevention Program to help people who are at risk for diabetes to lose weight and increase their physical activity. There is a lot of misinformation about diabetes and prediabetes, but the important aspect of this program is it is a year-long […]

  • Finally, Someone Realizes That We All Get It

    In America, today, we have an interesting situation on our hands. We have first-world problems, but they’re still real problems. And something is defined as real if it’s on the first page of Google. That’s the test. It’s someone’s actual job to name new Pokémon, and we all feel well-qualified. It’s someone’s actual job to […]

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