About Us

Our Mission:  “To promote personal, family and social health through education, motivation and support.”

Since 1994 we have provided health education and counseling services to individuals at colleges, corporations and public agencies.  Whether you are looking for a program for your employees, a relative or for yourself – we can personalize a confidential program to meet their specific need and schedule.

What we offer and why….

Tobacco Dependence Treatment

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an estimated 400,000 people die from smoking related diseases each year in the United States. Smoking or smokeless tobacco use is a risk factor for illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, COPD and gum disease. Its use increases the insulin resistance in people who have diabetes. Although nicotine, the addictive drug in tobacco, changes the brain chemistry of people who use tobacco, it is possible to quit and stay quit. You can double your chances of quitting successfully by using pharmacotherapy such as nicotine replacement products like the patch, or prescription medications, while making behavioral changes. Our staff provides the counseling for behavioral change and offer recommendations of available products to address the physical dependence. Your healthcare provider can become a part of the team. For smokers, the benefits can be realized within 8 hours after you stop smoking by reducing the accumulation of carbon monoxide in your blood stream. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

Weight Management

Overweight and Obesity has become an increasing problem for both adults and children in our nation, and now we are looking at an estimate of 300,000 deaths per year due to the unhealthy condition of excess body fat and the lack of physical activity. Our counselors help people navigate the diet fads, recommend sound weight management plans and help you sift through the facts and science. We work with those who are ready to focus on lifelong and lasting changes. The support of meeting weekly with a nutrition and physical activity counselor can provide the accountability needed to stick to your goals. Kind support and professional recommendations can make the difference. Again, it may be necessary to team up with your healthcare provider who knows of your medical history and current medical conditions.

Organizational Counseling

What does an organized life have to do with a healthy lifestyle? Actually, quite a lot. With over 20 years in health education and health promotion, the director of the Wellness Connection learned a lot about behavior change. One simple concept that links organizational strategies to health is that people may not see their barriers to behavior change – its like not seeing the forest through the trees. The building blocks of sustained change start with the awareness of our obstacles, then to find the motivation to see what change can look like, and then learn and practice the skills needed to overcome those obstacles. All of which become the building blocks for change. The process becomes fun: Let’s look at an equation: Eating out four nights a week + a disorganized kitchen = Gaining 10 pounds. Wouldn’t it be great to find out why you can’t use your kitchen?

What we do not offer

We do not offer mental health treatment, there are limitations to what an online program can accomplish. Once again, there are times when a referral to an appropriate healthcare provider is the best outcome from meeting with our staff. We provide education, motivation and support. The good news is that for many people the tools they need to stop smoking, lose weight and become effective is just a click away.

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